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Ways To Revitalize Your Relationship After Baby


Ways To Revitalize Your Relationship After Baby


When you become a parent there is this new priority in your life and over time your relationship and intimacy take a back seat. 

Your relationship becomes unimportant and it leads to distance between you and your partner. 

It can also cause problems between you and your partner. 

But it doesn’t need to be this way. 

As a first time parent, struggling to find the balance between my new life and my old one, I tried different things and found my top 3 ways to get my relationship back on page one. 

I will share what has worked for me and my husband over time. It took us a little bit but we got there. 








I know it can hard and may feel impossible but a DATE doesn’t have to be outside. 

You can date in your home or simply going on a walk together. The idea is to spend time with each other and catch up. 

Making a habit out of these dates will sure revitalize your relationship little by little.




Do it often and mean it! A small word can change his or her day! 

My husband and I are very verbal with our love. Although we sometimes tend to forget or simply are too busy we always make time to let the other know we care. 

I am reminded that he sees me. 

Those words he expresses at the time end up making my day. 



Whatever you do, do it well and be thorough… when you are on a date, be focused on your partner. 

Pay attention and make the most of it. 

This also applies to your sex life. 

Be present and in the moment. 

Make sure that if you know it won’t happen often, that is memorable and good. 


Let’s recap, the 3 steps to revitalizing your relationship and sex life after baby are: dates, words of praise/compliments, and quality over quantity.


It is still not perfect but we try to always make a point of meeting the other halfway. It’s about our effort towards bonding and building our connection together.


If you need more help in you relationship with your partner or spouse, consider reaching out to Mentor and Life Coach,  Sam Neame.


Remember, this is only temporary. Eventually, your child will grow and won’t need so much from you. For now, nurture your relationships with mindfulness and care. 


Know that you are not the only one struggling to find balance. 


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