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Mommy Burnout & How To Work Around It


Mommy Burnout & How To Work Around It

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It’s so incredibly rewarding raising our children but with all its benefits but, it has also its difficulties which we may struggle with. 

Between caring for our little ones we are tasked with keeping a house, feeding, and staying on top of everything

Although we like to consider ourselves superior beings… we are still human and like humans we experience burnout. 

This is that dreaded mommy burnout you may have heard about from your friends… and if this is a new thing for you then let me explain. 

Mommy Burnout is real and it is awful. It resembles anxiety plus antisocial tendencies that may reflect in anger, hostility, and lack of patience. This means the people around us get the pointy end of this ugly sword. 

When I mention people, it is most often our little ones. 



So here and now I will share with you the reason behind mommy burnout and how to work around it. 


Time Seems to NOT be ENOUGH 


You try and try to get things done and can’t seem to do anything. The days all blur together and you feel lazy or just overwhelmed. This happens all too often but there is a way to work around it. 

Plan days and make a To-Do List, this will not only help you stay on track but it will also make you feel accomplished as you cross those words off your To-Do List.


Social Isolation 

We as stay at home moms suffer from this daily. By being around children all day long and staring at the same walls for days on end. 

Plan Outings with Friends/Family

Also, GET OUT! 

Leave the house, go outside, walk to the store, or go to a park! Different scenery helps release stress and calm the mind.

Feeling burned out is widespread common but not the end of the world, and please ask for help. Share how you’re feeling with the loved ones around you. 


Losing Your Identity


You have now become a mother, you have embraced this title and in so you may also have focused on ONLY that. 

In doing so you forgot about yourself. We must nurture a fruit tree. What do I mean by this? 

Mothers are fruit trees, they grow big and provide more than can be written down. Mothers are givers but often forget to nurture themselves to continue to give. 

As you are completely devoted to your family but don’t forget yourself. 

DO something for YOU, find a hobby, or something that is solely yours.

This will help you not only be reminded of who you are but be a better healthier you. 


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All these ways will help you get a much-needed break and prevent the dreaded mommy burnout! 


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