First, let’s begin with a proper introduction… My name is Genesis and I am married, I have a daughter named Amelia and we all share our home with two little dogs. Maria and Fluffy, two re-homed mixed dogs one part Chihuahua and the other part Italian Greyhound (they’re siblings). Our home is in Sunny Florida where we met!

I am a licensed cosmetologist who loves everything about HAIR! I live for uplifting and complimenting women as well as men! Totally a people person, I can make conversation with a tree, one of my many talents!

Upon getting pregnant I realized my life would change and while practicing yoga for the body and mind I learned more about my body in those 39 weeks than I had my whole life. I saw my body change and adjust to the growing life inside me and it was as overwhelming as it was incredible. We as women are truly a beautiful wonder!

I decided to begin blogging and vlogging during postpartum recovery/ maternity leave. I had always wanted to write or publish a book but for some reason, I felt it was unattainable and then I came across an article that convinced me to try it! I fell in love with being able to share my experience entering motherhood and from it One Stoked Mom: A Guide Into Motherhood was born.

My goal doing this is to help every new mom or moms-to-be ease into motherhood without too much worry. I know it is a time of doubt and uneasiness when being a first-time mother, so I created this for all of you to have a place to go when in doubt…

On this blog, you will find posts about pregnancy, labor and delivery, postpartum recovery, breastfeeding and more… I will also rate and review the most used baby products or devices. I always maintain a neutral take on everything unless I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT…

When being part of the One Stoked Mom Community, you can expect ABSOLUTE honesty from this girl…


Thank you for visiting, I hope my content to be helpful and informative…


Yours Truly,


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