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Baby Registry Without Breaking The Bank


Baby Registry Without Breaking The Bank

I did so much research about what to put in my registry. I went to YouTube, Amazon, and al all the works. I scrolled and read review after review after review…

I looked for cost-effective alternatives to some insanely expensive baby items.

So here are the baby registry items that made the list; tried and tested by yours truly!


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What You Need and What You Don’t: Baby Registry On A Budget

Everyone is different and what has worked for me, may not work for you. Babies also are very different, some babies might love the “shusher”, while other babies might hate it…


What You DO Need:




If you will be having the baby in your room for the first 6 months, which is the recommended amount by the Health Department, then you will definitely need a bassinet.

Newborn babies need their space and a safe place to sleep in.

I bought a traditional bassinet, it was flat and did not help my daughter sleep.

I made a mistake, so I would suggest you pick something more snuggly and form fitting to your newborn.

This will help them sleep longer and let you get some much-needed rest…

I know of a few moms who swear by the Graco DreamGlider Gliding Swing. It has two modes (sleeper and seat), oh how I wish I would have gotten it instead… But I live and learn, right?



For a crib, I would say it is not immediately needed but it is needed. The baby probably won’t sleep in there all the time, but on the occasion that is until he or she gets older.

I did let my daughter nap in her crib when she was a newborn… Even now at 5 months when she is overly stimulated and it does the trick.

We do co-sleep, so the crib is not used all the time…


Changing Table

I have heard many moms who use a changing table multiple times every single day. Some moms change the baby wherever.

So it’s up to you whether or not a changing table is something you find yourself in need of.

I can tell you I use my changing table every single day, every time I change my daughter.

So my advice would be, buy a crib that already brings one.


Munchkin Waterproof Changing Pad Liners

These things are the bomb, they come in a pack of three and let me tell you that you need this for sure! I use them all of the time, I have one in my diaper bag for when I go out with my daughter.

I place them on top of the changing table mat and cover, they protect the actual cover and if your baby has any accidents then all you need to do is change the liner.

They don’t even stain! I love, love them. Another pro?

When I use it outside it protects my baby from who knows how much dirt and bacteria on those public changing tables as well as protect surfaces!


Newborn Size Clothes

Everyone and I mean EVERYONE will tell you to not worry about newborn size clothes because the baby will grow out of it real quick.

Let me tell you, I used newborn sized clothes for about 6 -8 weeks.

I had a small baby, she was 6.7 lbs at birth and as expected dropped a pound at home…

So don’t worry, you will need them because babies are messy and you gotta change them more often than not at all.


Burp Cloths


This one is a must, newborns spit up and throw up so often it will make you want to give up clothes.

They will be soo messy for years to come. You will need lots of them, I would recommend Mamkoo Washcloths as they are soft like butter and will not irritate the skin.


Car Seats: Get Two (2)

There is no car seat out there that works as a newborn to stroller and also can grow with the baby. I went to five local stores and searched online to no avail.

So I got two car seats.

The first stage car seat is the Graco Modes Travel System, It comes with the stroller and car seat as well as the stroller cover piece that can be changed once the baby is big enough for it.

The second stage up to 60 lbs. is the Graco SlimFit 3-in-1 (the second and last car seat you will ever need for your baby), there a lot of different kinds but you don’t need a car seat to take you to the moon and back and all of them are the safest.

I would recommend the ones I got, they were the least expensive with the higher quality. There are thousand-dollar car seats and strollers and I got two car seats and a stroller for less than $500.



This may be optional for some but the truth is that most babies will reject a pacifier in the beginning.

My daughter sure did for almost two months and one day she was extremely fussy, nothing I did would calm her down and I had a pacifier and she took it and for the first time in two months.

I could clean and cook without stopping in the middle of it.

I would recommend MAM, they are flatter and easier to hold on to so it would help not confuse breastfed babies.


Breast Pump ( For Breastfeeding Moms)

For this particular item, you may or may not have to purchase it or have it in your registry as some health insurance companies to cover the cost.

So if your insurance does, then I would recommend you go to Aeroflow Breastpumps and see if you qualify for a FREE breast pump through your insurance.

If your insurance does not cover then I would recommend you get the Spectra S2. It is the most affordable within the hospital-grade quality kind.



Benefits of Nursing

Bottle & Breast: A Moms Take On Both

Pumping Essentials

Zip-up Onesies

I live by these! I use them as PJs, they make life easier for those midnight diaper changes and they are so comfy for babies. They will keep your baby nice and warm.

You can find all sorts everywhere.


Dresser (Optional)

I use the dresser because I have a small closet in a very small house.

Having a dresser can help store all those tiny little baby things and keep it all organized.


Baby Monitor

You can get any monitor you please but my advice would be one that only connects to the camera and the monitor device NOT one through internet connections as it is hackable and you don’t know who could be watching…I got Hello Baby Video Monitor, which is under $100, it has a nighttime view ( black and white ) and day time view (color). It also has two-way talk, built-in lullabies and my favorite is temperature monitoring. The only con is short battery life if not on VOX mode.



You definitely NEED diapers. It is up to you whether you decide on cloth diapering or disposable diapers.

I cloth diaper because it is not a weekly/monthly expense other than washing them. You can start building a stash while pregnant or include them on your registry.


Tip: Consider Craigslist, OfferUp or Facebook Market Place for used cloth diapers as they need to be washed and prepped 3 to 5 times before use.


Related: How To Cloth Diaper Like A Boss


For disposable diapers just make sure to include up to size 4.



These you need in bulk, you will use so many wipes… I would recommend the Water Wipes, they are my favorite and I tried generic, Pampers,… I still pick Water Wipes all day, every day.



The best swaddle blankets are the Aden & Anais, worth every penny… I don’t recommend the velcro ones as they are loud and can wake a sleeping baby… NO ONE wants to wake up a sleeping baby.


Here is a quick little video tutorial from Rumble on How To Swaddle A Newborn:



Babywearing Wrap (Boba Baby Wrap)

boba baby wrap

This Boba Baby Wrap is the softest and stretchiest wrap, it cradles a baby and supports their weight for up to 35 lbs.


Related: Boba Baby Wrap Review: Easy & Comfortable Babywearing



Glider/ Rocking Chair

I got one, I’ve used it a handful of times and right now my daughter is 5 months old.


Wipe Warmer

I would say you don’t need this unless you never leave your house and always use the warm wipes, otherwise, your baby will have difficulty adjusting to the colder temperature.


Baby Gloves

I tried using these gloves but honestly, the elastic hurt my baby and I kept her nails trimmed so never really used them. So don’t worry about them, but if you want to prevent scratched just use onesies with the cover-up in the sleeves.


Shusher (White Noise)

I tried using a shusher but it only lasted maybe 2 weeks.

Now, some moms swear by it. To me? It didn’t work.

Again, every baby is different but I wouldn’t recommend it unless you are certain about it being useful.


Baby Shoes

Your baby will not need shoes until he or she is walking. Even when they start crawling when they do just use those nonslip socks.

Don’t waste money on shoes, they are bad for babies as they can hinder proper physical development.


Lots of Lotions & Baby Wash

One or two is enough… I’ve only gone through one baby wash so far (5 months).




Think I missed an item loved by moms? Share and let us know in the comment section below…



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