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Bottle vs Breast: A Moms Take on Both


Bottle vs Breast: A Moms Take on Both

Feeding your baby shouldn’t have to be hard but the reality of things is that sometimes or most times, it will be. Bottle vs. breast: a mom’s take on both…

May it be because of latching difficulties or all the things you can do when someone else has the ability to feed him or her.

Bottle, breast, or both can work great as long as you do what is best for the baby.


So, should you breastfeed or bottle-feed? 


My Experience

In my case, I was adamant about exclusively breastfeeding.

All I wanted was to give my daughter my breasts as nourishment but life had other ideas.

Five days following her birth were five days of struggle and still not stopping me but I could tell my baby wasn’t receiving enough milk because she couldn’t latch correctly.


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We were both suffering, I had cracked nipples and she was always crying from what I believe to be hunger.

I could no longer be stuck to only my breasts because it clearly wasn’t working. So I had my husband go to the nearest store for a bottle, I pumped about 1 ounce and she was fed.

Let me tell you the joy and peace I felt when I saw my baby drink it all. I had heard of milk drunk… and I experienced it for the first time ever. I knew in that instance that she had been so hungry and unable to get what she needed.

If your baby is more inclined towards a bottle over the breast, don’t force yourself to try to breastfeed on his or her behalf. If you’re especially determined to breastfeed, by all means, keep trying, but remember that fed is best.

I do both but now, I mainly nurse and this is thanks to introducing a bottle. Since that first time, I tried to get her to latch and she was able. Actually, she had the perfect latch instantly. My guess? The bottle helped her get the hang of things and since then, we haven’t had any latching issues.

Now, remember that every baby is different. I am not saying what worked for me will absolutely work for you but I would recommend at least to try it. I do not have anything bad to say about neither bottle or breast, as they both work.


Bottle vs Breast


Although the difference between the two is significant. This is because letting a baby feed from the breast allows its saliva to interact with the milk.

This interaction sends messages to mom’s brain, about what the baby needs which will not happen if you’re exclusively pumping.

Feeding a baby on demand from breast instead of pumping to a schedule can also encourage continued milk supply.

Breastfeeding can save a significant amount of money, depending on the local price of the formula; it is also more convenient, as it requires no preparation.

A baby or child can feed on the breast anywhere without the need for an adult to pack bottles, find clean water, or heat formula.

Breastfeeding can help soothe an anxious, or scared baby. Breastfeeding puts a woman and baby in close skin-to-skin contact.


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This constant contact can support bonding, help the two learn one another’s cues and personalities, and promote relaxation.



Now, pumping to bottle is something different altogether and I’ll explain why. First, the amount of things you must carry with you is insane. Pump, bottles, flanges, cables, and a cooler bag. You definitely need to have access to an electric outlet (depending on what kind of pump you have).

Also, timing, as you will need to stick to a schedule. Although this also has its benefits because it frees time and you can return to work more easily.


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You will also have the ability to let someone else feed the baby and take a much-needed break.

Both Work:

I am not saying one is better than the other or which one I prefer. This is honestly because I breastfeed and I pump. I deal with the cost of pumping as much as an exclusive pumper. There is no right or wrong answer, it is important to consider the effects of each way of feeding on both mom and baby.


Remember… fed is best. Do what works for you.


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