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Latching Problem While Breastfeeding Resolved


Latching Problem While Breastfeeding Resolved

There’s this notion that breastfeeding is easy, that is simple and instinctual.

It may be like that for some babies and some mothers, it can be instant from the first feed but the reality is that is not like that at all.

Most of us, especially new moms have a lot of difficulty breastfeeding.

The main problem we come across is latching while breastfeeding whether it may be the improper placement of the nipple or a lip/tongue tie.

How To Latch Properly While Breastfeeding

Contrary to popular belief, it is not just the nipple that needs to be in the baby’s mouth.

If it was this way we will be in the worst possible pain after childbirth of course…

So, rule of thumb would be: have as much of your breast in your baby’s mouth as possible. Not just the nipple but also the areola. Breast size does not matter, neither does the areola size but it is a good idea to get the whole areola in their mouth.

If your baby tends to always just grab the nipple by itself then you will unlatch the baby and try again until you have a proper latch. It helps to have your baby’s mouth wide open for a proper and painless latch. It will be hard in the beginning but once you get the hang of it you will thrive mama!


I found a great video showing the proper way to latch for pain-free breastfeeding step-by-step.


My Story

When I began my breastfeeding journey it was hard. I had cracked nipples and one of them was bleeding. They were sore and bruised, I was in so much pain. It was so hard for me to want to breastfeed when even my shirts were uncomfortable to wear on my beaten up nipples.

I was ready to give up, I decided that a bottle would have to do because no matter how hard I tried she wouldn’t latch correctly. I had my husband go and get a bottle and I pumped. My daughter was then fed with the NUK Simply Natural Bottle and I thought it was the end of breastfeeding for me.

I was devastated because I wanted to be able to feed her from my breasts and have that with her.

But I was pleasantly surprised when for her next feed I tried to breastfeed her once more and as if by a miracle she latched! She latched PERFECTLY! Her mouth worked on my nipple and although I was sore, I was NOT in pain. Ever since then we have not had any problems.

I think that the bottle helped her get a better latch, so if you have tried everything and you are ready to just throw in the towel then try a bottle.

After you do that try to breastfeed again. It may help.

We are on our ninth month nursing with no struggle or main!

Quick note: Lip tie does not affect breastfeeding, only tongue tie. Make sure to examine your baby’s mouth for either or both. I have been through it, my daughter has a lip tie and it did not affect the breastfeeding once she was properly latched.


If you were to notice a tongue tie and it’s making breastfeeding impossible, then contact your medical provider.

How to Soothe Sore Nipples

You will be bruised, sore, and maybe bleeding. Do not fuss as there is a remedy as old as time. YOUR MILK. Now you must be thinking: ” What?” but yeah, your milk is ALL you need.

I bought Lansinoh nipple cream, nipple butter, cocoa butter, and coconut oil. All those things? In a drawer somewhere… They felt good to put on but didn’t help with my issues, but my milk did.

After every feed, I would squeeze some of my milk out and rub it all over my nipples and within two days I was healed and not as sore or sensitive.

Before you buy anything, my advice is to try your own ‘liquid gold‘!

Remember, breastfeeding is NOT supposed to be painful. It can be uncomfortable but NEVER painful.

The best of luck for you and your little one.

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