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Newborn Tips & Tricks For New Moms


Newborn Tips & Tricks For New Moms

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First and foremost, newborn life can last about a whole month and it is the toughest time as you will be adjusting to life as a mom and your beautiful baby will be adjusting to the outside world. I have a few tips and tricks for that newborn stage.

You will be overwhelmed, sleep-deprived, in pain, and very uncomfortable from labor and healing and just plain physical and emotional exhaustion.

I will share with you what you need to know to make this period of your life a little less hard and a lot more stress-free. All of these tips helped me survive those days and nights that seemed like a never-ending nightmare.


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Newborn Tips & Tricks For New Moms

  • Newborn Swaddle: babies do not like to be swaddled until they are swaddled.
    It helps them feel safe and sleep longer as it prevents that startle reflex babies have where they twitch and wake themselves up.


  • Pacifier Hack: When changing diapers, newborns tend to fuss and cry as they feel vulnerable and exposed with nothing to hold on to. Introduce the pacifier to help calm your baby.

Side-note: For nursing mothers, the use of a pacifier early on is not recommended as it can cause nipple confusion.


  • Bottles: For the breastfeeding mom, if you decide to introduce bottles then I would recommend the NUK Newborn Bottle as it is flatter and similar to the real thing and helps prevent nipple confusion.


It may also help for a better latch, I had an awful time trying to get my daughter to latch and introducing a the NUK bottle did the trick.


  • NightTime Feedings: pump milk and store in the fridge and have your partner help with a nighttime feeding so you may rest a little more.

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  • Crying/Fussing: When your baby fusses is for one of these reasons: hunger, dirty diaper, gas, or simply wants mom.


Always begin with checking the diaper, then burping your baby with light taps on the back, then nurse or feed. If all these do not work then try a pacifier and skin to skin.

Sometimes babies get bored with the surroundings so take a walk outside or simply sway… Movement always tends to work when nothing else does.


  • Skin to Skin: is a must-do, it helps the baby feel safe and regulates breathing, heart rate, and balances all hormones for a less stressed or anxious baby.


  • Baby-wearing: it is comforting and helps keep babies calm.


I opted for this most often, and my daughter barely fussed, there is no place safer than a mother’s warm embrace.

My favorite and only wrap I had to get was the Boba Wrap. I had seen an add on Instagram and checked their page out, they can be very pricey so I opted for the least expensive wrap and I couldn’t be happier about it.


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  • Sleep: newborns are not wired to sleep through the night. Their sleep pattern is based on survival so they feed more often, especially at night.

SIDS Risk: deep sleep isn’t best for a newborn as it poses a higher risk of SIDS.


  • Routine: it helps transition a newborn into life outside the womb. It promotes security and gets them used to what to expect. So do the same things every day at the same time, if you miss a day or two the world won’t end. Take it a day at a time and remember, YOU GOT THIS!


I did this with my daughter from one-week-old till today. I usually get her ready for her bath around 9 pm (timing can vary depending on parents’ lifestyle and routine).

When it hits 8:45 she will start to fuss because she is ready for her bath and she may be tired and ready for her calming bath.

She knows when is bath time and when is bedtime and she is ready for it.

I have not had to struggle to put her to sleep because I kept up with the same routine the whole time.

Know and understand that it won’t be perfect, but the sooner you create a routine the better it will be for your family in the future.

Those first few nights will be the most difficult. You will struggle until your baby gets used to it.


Example: Bath, lotion, onesie, lullaby or read a book, nurse (if you nurse to sleep), then swaddle.


Consistency is key, even when your exhaustion is overwhelming. Keep the routine. It will pay off! I promise.

  • Zipper Onesies: The best invention since sliced bread! Believe me!

Those button-up onesies are a nightmare with a wiggle happy baby.


The last one is optional, I did not do it but I know some moms like to track everything. It is also recommended so your pediatrician can keep track of your baby’s feeds and dirty diapers. This is to determine if your baby is eating enough.


  • Tracking: feeds, poops, and pees; you honestly do not need an app, and this I learned from My Jewish Mommy Life on YouTube. She tracks her baby’s feeds, wet and dirty diapers, and her feeding sessions all in her Notes App on her phone!


You can see an example of what that looks like below…


  • Weight: ALL newborns drop weight after birth. DO NOT BE ALARMED, this is normal. Keep feeding your baby and just know that as long as your baby has 6+ wet diapers a day you should be fine.


I know how difficult having a newborn for the first time is. I was confused and tired ALL of the time. Sadly I had to figure all this out on my own, but you won’t.

Stay strong and consistent, it will get better.


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  1. Perfect timing for this post! Appreciating the time and effort you put into your website and in-depth information you offer. You’ve really covered up almost all the possible info that every parents should follow and the explanation is so helpful. Worth sharing! Please do continue sharing updates! Thanks a lot!

    1. Thank you, everything I share is with the intention of it being helpful for all new parents.

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