Postpartum Body Odor : What You Need To Know

You’ve given birth! It’s new, it’s scary and most of all it’s A LOT! I know, I went through it. The last thing I expected was to worry about smells but unfortunately, I was not so lucky. Smelling myself was just horrible. Add that to the list of things I didn’t know about postpartum. Turns out, postpartum body odor is one of those things that happens but no one really tells you about it.


You just end up doing research and can’t find much on it. That is why I wrote this. I did so much research I could make a thesis out of it, but I won’t.


I will instead tell you all about postpartum body odor, why, how and what to do about it.


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So, to start please know that, though awful as it is, it’s normal to have body odor postpartum.


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But don’t worry, this happens because our bodies are changing and adjusting to motherhood, amongst other things.



Postpartum Changes That May Cause Body Odor (BO)


sweat to body odor

Increase in Sweat:

One change that happens is sweat due to your body getting rid of liquids. The retention of liquids during labor is normal, more so if you had an epidural.

Sweat itself has no odor but once it hits the skin, it comes in contact with bacteria which in turn causes body odor.


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Hormonal Changes:

Because of hormone changes you may have a stronger ability to sense smells, as in, you can smell things others don’t… Not only that; but your body continues to change postpartum.




Breastfeeding may cause body odor, as it helps guide newborn babies to their food source.


This leads me to a common question: Does breastfeeding make you smell?

Breastfeeding in itself does NOT make you smell.


Breasts are conveniently located very close to the armpits so we give off a stronger scent for them, in other words, bad bo…




Body Odor Isn’t Forever, It Does Get Better

Although it may be embarrassing and uncomfortable, it’s normal and it gets better over time.

I know this because it’s been 12 months and although I still have a stronger smell than I used to, it’s less funky!


So, when does postpartum body odor go away?

Postpartum body odor can last for a very long time or it can resolve itself within the first year. It depends on how your body recovers and goes back to normal.

Every woman is different…

But don’t worry there are ways to reduce and in some cases eliminate this horrible occurrence.


Postpartum Body Odor Remedies

Most of what I found out there as a remedy was DIY’ing with spices and who has time for that with a new baby?

No one, that’s who.

So let’s start with the basics:

  • Shower Daily
  • Hair Removal: hair locks in smells and amplifies them; so less hair equals fewer smells.
  • Deodorants/Antiperspirants
  • Avoid Alcohol
  • Hydrate: Drink LOTS of water


But that aside, while maintaining good hygiene is great. I already did that stuff!

Showering daily, fresh and clean laundry, I practice it all. Good hygiene is just something that was instilled in me so I had that habit down pat.

So even though I was doing all this, I would still smell. But the smell was mostly emanating from my underarms so I figured I needed a better deodorant. Right?

Then I tried the usual stuff that I used before baby but they didn’t work! Then I tried a natural aluminum-free deodorant Jason, which was recommended by a mom I follow on IG, but still, I smelled like a month old garbage bag! It did last longer than the Degree (pre-baby deodorant) but I had to reapply, it usually lasted 6 hours if I was lucky!

It was horrible, I felt uncomfortable when I was out and about and my body odor will get through. The thought of sweating gave me anxiety and just the smell made me feel dirty, unclean.


The BEST Deodorant for Postpartum Body Odor

Then I saw this add on FB about Lume! And lo and behold! I went to the website and ordered it! I needed something fast and I had nothing to lose.

It was delivered and I used it the next day!

I was so surprised, especially because I wore it to bed ( I usually wake up smelling funky) and when I woke up NO SMELL! then I went about my day and around the evening I remember that I hadn’t had to reapply and took a sniff of my underarm and NOTHING! Just no smell, bad or good.

Not even the scent from the deodorant, no fragrance…at all.

I have been using Lume for 6 months straight and not once have I had to reapply.

I’m now stink-free! I feel not only confident but I have peace of mind when it comes to my body odor.

It’s one less thing to worry about, especially with a one-year-old keeping me busy.

All this hanks to Lume, the best deodorant invented and strong enough to tackle that postpartum body odor! It does not stop at the underarms though, this deodorant can be used anywhere, from top to bottom!

Pits, private parts, feet, and tummy. If it has skin and it smells, you can apply it.

This deodorant is not like your typical kind, as it works more like a lotion, and it is proven to work up to 72 hours. I’ve only tested it for about 48 hours and let me tell you, IT WORKS! I am beyond impressed and satisfied with this product.

Ladies, if you suffer from smells and nothing works… try Lume – they have multiple scents, I use Jasmine Rose and I love it.

I also want to add, because one application of the product is enough I was able to save money.  How? You may wonder.

Well, I purchased my first Lume deodorant the first week of October of 2019 and I didn’t need to get another one until mid-March 2020! That’s a whole 5 months of use! Tell me that your current deodorant does that… Go ahead…

I cannot RAVE ENOUGH about this deodorant. I even got my husband on board for his stinky feet! And YES it works! 9-10 hours later, NO SMELL!


Oh, I almost forgot. If you purchase using my link, you’ll be automatically entered to win free Lume product EVERY WEEK!


Have you tried it? What do you think? Did it work for you?


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