Simple Baby Shower Themes & Tips

One of the firsts steps into planning a simple baby shower is the theme. Whether you’re the mom-to-be or the planner of the shower, there is a lot to think about.

When choosing a theme you must have in mind a couple of things…

1. Baby’s Gender: if the gender is a surprise then stick to neutral colors.

2. Budget: themes can get really expensive really fast. Set a budget and try ‘DIYing’ to save some money.

3. Food & Games: these will need to match the theme if you want to keep a theme throughout.

4. Color Scheme: choose 3 to 4 colors to set up a unified theme.

When I did my Baby Shower, I tried to stick to the most inexpensive way to do it. I chose the easiest way to make it pretty and simplistic.

I chose soft pastel pink, white, beige and a pop of gold here and there.

I picked four colors and one of them was used at my wedding which I still had some of the decorations that were used.

If you can reuse and repurpose some decor you have used in the past then do so, it will save money!

So here are some of the most simple themes and my ideas about color schemes and games that can match the theme.

Baby Shower Themes

Baby Shower Themes For Girls


flower babyshower theme

Flowers ( Wild / Garden )

Color Scheme: Green, Yellow, Red, Pink, and Orange. Blue and White…


princess baby shower theme


Tiara, Castle, Ball Gown

Color Scheme: It depends on what princess is chosen.

Game: Princess Trivia ( History, Movies, Characters)


ballerina baby shower theme


Color Scheme: Pink, Light Blues, Purples, and Yellows

Game: Dance Skills (best ballet moves), Balance Test (who can balance on one foot the longest)


Fairies + Lights

Color Scheme: Pink, Light Blues, and Yellows + Glitter


Baby Shower Themes For Boys



Worms, Fishing Rod, Fish, Fishing Boat

Color Scheme: Blue, Green, Yellow + Brown



Soccer, Baseball, Football, Ice Hockey, Golf

Color Scheme: Matching Sports Chosen + White

Games: Sports Trivia (Players-Wins-Team)


Cars & Trucks

Color Scheme: Matching Cars + White



Gender Neutral Baby Shower Themes



Polka Dots

Color Scheme: As preferred.


Sunny Day

Sun, Clouds, Sky, Wind

Color Scheme: White, Gray, Orange, and Gold


Sea Life

Boats, Whale, Fish

Color Scheme: White, Gray, Silver and Light Blue

Games: Heads Up App: Act It Out/Describe ( sea animal )



emoji cake


Smiley, Heart Eyes, Fruits, Poop

Color Scheme: White Everything – so the colors of the emoji’s pop!



disney theme


Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Etc…

Color Scheme: Your Choice

Games: Disney Trivia, Park Names, Voice Imitation Competition


Baby Shower Tips

  • Pick the theme first! It will help put the Baby Shower together seamlessly.
  • Prep everything the night before the party.
  • Check the weather if it will be an outdoor Baby Shower. Make sure to have a backup plan in case it rains.
  • If unsure about what foods to make then make it a ‘potluck’. Have everyone bring something.
  • Do you have a name yet? If you don’t, then have a table where your guest can write down a name suggestion.

That’s all I have in my Baby Shower Tips Arsenal.


Thank you so much for reading! If you want to know more about what goes into planning a Baby Shower check out my post about the Basic DIY Guide To A Baby Shower.


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