The Best 7 Money Saving Tips For New Moms

As a first-time mom you’d think I would buy anything and everything I saw for babies but that isn’t the case. I like saving money as much as I can. So, here are The Best 7 Money Saving Tips For New Moms.


money saving new mom

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Number Uno: Free Stuff Comes First

Accept donations from any of your mom friends! One coworker I had, gave me a Boppy Pillow, a Glider and a bunch of toys.


Savings: About $200-250


Number Dos: Swap Items With Friends/Moms/Family

Another of my coworkers at the salon I used to work at gave me her daughters crib ( they co-sleep ) and I gave her a massive reclining chair I was not using.

Savings: About $350-400


Number Tres: Buy Second-Hand

My baby’s dresser I got on OfferUp. I paid $40 and it’s a white wooden shabby chic beautiful dresser which I absolutely love. I also got a booster chair and a floor mat for also $40.

Savings: $250-500


Number Cuatro: Go Brandless

The best thing you can do for your pocket is to forget about big names and big brands! They are overpriced and really not needed. I lean towards the company Brandless because everything is $ 3.00, and they arrive right at your door and you save a trip to the store.

Savings: Depends ($3.00 e/a)



Number Cinco: Mix & Match

Do not get crazy with themes and colors! Mix and match, it looks better anyway. This goes hand in hand with number four.

Savings: Varies from person to person


Number Seis: DIY ( If You Can )

When it comes to ‘DIYing’ I am a DIE HARD fan! I love doing things myself and have creative freedom. With a BEABA Babycook 4 in 1 Steam Cooker & Blender, I make my own baby food, pro? No additives or sugars or harming preservatives. I know exactly what goes on my daughter’s food.

Savings: It depends on the cost of produce where you live.


Example: Baby food on average is $0.99 to $1.50 per container which means 1 serving. Now one sweet potato is about $1.15 and will give you 4 to 5 servings. That sounds really good to me!


Number Siete: Cloth Diapers

This one may not be what you were hoping to hear but it is way easier than you think. It also saves A LOT of money. It may sound gross or like too much work but it really is the greatest thing. Especially because cloth diapering isn’t like it was decades ago. There are many kinds of cloth diapers and most are really easy to use as well as cost-effective.

Now there are about three main kinds of cloth diapers out there.


It’s all in the name. It’s exactly like a disposable but you can wash it. No frills or fuss. They come in snaps and velcro. In my opinion, snaps are more durable.

Covers and Inserts

These are like a pantie and pads or liners, basically, you have the cover that tends to be liquid proof and the insert which can be changed for another insert. There are different kinds of inserts but I tend to gravitate towards organic cotton and hemp as they are more absorbent and better for my baby’s skin.

Old Fashioned

This one I would not recommend as it is the kind that was used before the disposables were invented. This kind is too much work in my opinion.


That’s all I have for now but I will continue to update this article as I find more ways for moms to save some money.



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