The ONLY Breastfeeding Tips You’ll Need

Breastfeeding can get ‘complicated’ real quick, particularly in the beginning. 

But I will be brief and clear with you. It simply isn’t. We are told we “need” so much to accomplish such a task and honestly, we don’t. 

Now, don’t get me wrong. If you are a working mom ( outside the home) or do not practice nursing as breastfeeding then this may not apply to you. 

Breastfeeding can mean different things to everyone but it is inherently the act of feeding an infant or child or baby from the breast. 

So, I will be sharing the ONLY breastfeeding tips you will ever need.

The topics will range from establishing a supply, cluster feeding, the essentials, and some hacks that will make your life a lot less hard!

Honestly, I have been actively nursing and pumping and breastfeeding for over a year now and this all still works. 




Let’s start with the basics:




If you’re exclusively pumping:

If you want to establish supply, pump once or twice a day, try to keep your breasts empty! 

Pump for at least 20 minutes to increase supply, less than 15 minutes to maintain that supply! 


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If you’re nursing: 

Nurse on demand. 

Alternate breast after each feed! This will help prevent mastitis (infection of milk ducts).

  • if you wish to increase supply to build a stash, I would recommend ( based on my experience) pump between sessions 5-15 minutes.


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Bonus Tip: MASSAGE! It helps loosen that hindmilk for higher fat output.


Cluster Feeding


This means feeding over and over again… this is a little tricky but doable. 

There are two alternatives when your baby is at this stage of cluster feeding. 

  1. Go with the flow and provide the breast. Easy for stay at home moms.
  2. If number one doesn’t sound like a great idea for you, no worries. Use your stash. Alternate between breast and bottle. That way your baby still gets what he or she needs and you take a breather. 

If you are in need and do not have a stash yet, there is a little trick.

Your prolactin hormone (milk-making hormone) is higher between 1 am-4 am (depending on your sleep pattern). Pump for 20 minutes between those hours. 

It’s a sacrifice you will need to make in order to save your poor poor nipples. 


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Essentials for Breastfeeding


Honestly? You just need your boobs. That’s it.

In the beginning, you may feel you need all these things: Pillow, creams, cloths, etc.


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If you’re beginning to breastfeed and don’t have the hang of it yet, the only extra stuff you need is a…


Hakka – a silicone milk catcher and it works wonders! 


Oh but what about sensitive, cracked or dry nipples? Easy! Squeeze a little of your breast milk out and rub it around your nipple and you’re good to go. 


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Oh last but not least!  This is the most important one! 


Drink WATER!!

Those are the ONLY Breastfeeding Tips YOU WILL EVER NEED!!!


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