Time Management Tips : Simple Steps for Stay At Home Parents

Time management like many things is tricky for a new parent, especially for stay at home parents. We not only have our baby to take care of (sometimes more than one) but also keep a house, well, a home! 

There are so so many things to keep up with that we feel as if there isn’t enough time! 

So I will share with you the things I do to stay on track and keep up with my baby, my husband, my home and pretty much my whole life! Some tips and simple steps for stay at home parents that will help you manage your time and life!


Tip # 1: Make a List 

making a to do list

Write down ALL you need to do. Start with what’s more important and work your way down. This way you get done what matters most, first. Which also helps keep you motivated. 

Check them off as you go and let that satisfaction fill you!

Tip # 2: Keep Baby Busy With Activities

This one is an important one, especially because it is the most difficult. Kids get bored with things so much more quickly than anyone else!

Depending on the age of your baby you might need to reconsider how to keep him or her busy. So, I’ll share some ideas on what to do based on what worked with my little girl.

Depending on your child’s development, some of these ideas may not be suitable, so do what works for you and your baby…


4 Months or Less 

Oh, this was one of my favorite times with my girl. She was the cutest weakling. She pretty much just ate, pooped and slept and the cuddles were the best. 

  • Baby-wearingbabywearing
  • Activity Mat
  • Swing 


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4-6 Months 

At this stage, some babies have great control and some don’t, so better safe than sorry… So keep them in a contained and safe space where they won’t get hurt if they are wobbling around or simply fall down while testing their skills.

    • Pack-and-Playplay pen


  • Padded/Cushioned Mat

6 Months or More 

  • Activity Table

Crawling Stage 

  • Partner Up: just let them hang around you while you do your thing. I do this now ( she’s 8 months) I get stuff done and she plays, explores and gets into so much trouble. 

Walking Stage 

I’m on the fence on this one because it depends on the layout of your home meaning, are there stairs? But my advice would be to also “Partner Up”.


Toddler or Older 

By this age, I would like to think that Amelia will be a little more independent and it would be safe to let her do her own thing but I’m not there yet.

So, I will update this post when I have an alternative…


Tip # 3: ALTERNATE  


Chore- Baby- Chore- Baby.

This particular technique is something I tried out of frustration from not being able to get anything done for days.. so I tried it and it worked so well!

 I do something and then play and cuddle my baby. For example, I do the dishes or the laundry and before I decide to tackle anything else I take 15 to 20 minutes to interact with my baby.  

I do this repeatedly as long as she and I can take it. Sometimes mama needs a break too… 


Tip # 4: DON’T Stress 

Take a deep breath and remember… there is always tomorrow.

I know it can be stressful if not downright maddening to want and need to get things done but your baby won’t let you take a simple pee break. 

I have been there so many times, just take a deep deep breath and exhale.

Your baby will only be this small at this time. Enjoy these moments, the house and chores can wait one more day… know that this is coming from a slightly obsessive-compulsive mess of a woman… 


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Time Management is an ongoing thing, It’s nurturing relationships with our spouses, our children, and pets. Then there’s also the house upkeep and cooking and cleaning.

I am sharing the steps that will set you up for success!



Step 1:  Set A Goal

Be realistic, you know yourself and your situation. This will keep you motivated to stay on track and on task!



Step 2: Set a Bedtime

This is particularly important as it creates a routine or if you already have a routine in place, then setting a  bedtime compliments it!


Step 3: MealPrep or Meal Plan

Setting a plan for dinners or lunches is another great way to help manage time. It saves you from debating on what to cook.

Quick Hack: after grocery shopping, season meats and place in ziplock bags to freeze.

For example, when I purchase meats, I season them when I get home and freeze them in labeled bags with what is in it and what I seasoned it with; like this- 5 Chicken Breasts/ Lemon Pepper.

Then all you need to do is set it out to defrost then cook. Easy, Peasy!


Step 4: Plan Your Day/ Week/Month

Planning your days, weeks and even months is another great way to manage your time! It keeps you aware of those tasks you need to get done!

You can also set a time frame for said tasks! Over time you will be able to have more control and better management of daily tasks…


You know your family best, find what works and stick with it. Routine and schedules are great for children and adults alike. This way everyone knows what to expect and in the course of a few days, it becomes automatic. Hang in there, it does get easier!


These are my Tips on Time Management and Simple Steps for Stay at Home Parents!


Did I miss anything? Do you have any tips you’d like to share? Leave them on the comments! 


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