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Top Ten Christmas Presents For Infants


Top Ten Christmas Presents For Infants

Top Ten Christmas Presents For Infants

This holiday season we are embarking on a journey and discovering what works for our family when it comes to toys and presents! As most of you know I decided to introduce minimalism into my home so our Christmas this year will be much more toned down when it comes to material things. So with that in mind, here are my Top Ten Christmas presents for infants!


Alright, we’ll be categorizing them by age. The toys I will be mentioning are the best rated with great reviews as well as safe for the stage of development. 


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These toys will not only entertain your child but they will also stimulate their senses for an active and engaged infant. All of the following toys are available for purchase on Amazon and many other retailers,  all under $20.00.


0-3 Months Gift Ideas

In this stage, your baby has just been born and is curious about everything in his surroundings. The best way to stimulate a newborn is visually and audibly. 

Baby Einstein Playful Pyramid

This hanging toy is excellent for newborn babies up to 3 months and more. 


Activity Mat

The contrast in this activity mat will be the best way to entertain and stimulate your 0-3-month-old. 


3-6 Months Gift Ideas

In the transition between those growth spurs, you may notice new behaviors in your baby. For example, rolling over and finding out how their hands work and begin to start playing with them.


Bright Starts Snuggle & Teethe Toy

This teether is soft and easily handled and a great way for your baby to explore texture and have fun gnawing at it.


Lamaze Peek-A-Boo Forest, Fun Interactive Baby Book

This baby book is so much fun! The bright colors and the crinkly noise it makes will capture the attention and interest of your recently born infant. 


6-9 Months Gift Ideas

This stage is filled with new abilities for you and your baby to enjoy! They sit and bounce and rock back and forth and may even start crawling!


Rock-A-Stack Bundle

I love this toy! I actually get to interact and play as we explore. She loves this toy too, it helps with motor skills and keeps her entertained. 

This toy helps develop hand-eye coordination & dexterity as the baby grasps the toys. Sorting blocks help develop problem-solving skills


Teething Necklace

Typically these necklaces are meant for moms to wear while nursing or for teething but I use it to hang it on knobs so she can reach up and get it. She sees it and sets out on a mission to acquire the said target, super cute, and determined.

This toy is safe for the little ones.

Remote and Phone Bundle

Both toys are teaching shapes and numbers develop children’s Cognitive Ability. Lights and Realistic Sound Effects stimulate babies’ Senses.


9-12 Months Gift Ideas

At this stage, babies tend to be curious about everything. They will want to touch and grab anything as well as get into anything so to keep them entertained we need noisy and interactive toys.


Stack Up Cup

Great for endless fun of not only stacking up but knocking down this cup!


Toy Kitchen Accessories

Master motor skills while stimulating the imagination with play. 

Pounding Bench

This wooden pounding bench encourages color recognition and helps develop fine motor skills



Those are my Top Ten Christmas Presents For Infants from a new mom who has tested and tried all of them with my daughter and with her playdates!


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