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What I Miss About My Life Before Baby


What I Miss About My Life Before Baby

Let’s be real, we love our children and we wouldn’t change anything about them or how the came into our lives. Struggles and difficulties aside, being a parent no matter the gender, it’s so hard but oh so rewarding. 

I wake up every day with one of two emotions, either overjoyed or annoyed and I am being 100% honest. Some days I have more patience than others and as a co-sleeping mother, I can tell you most nights are great but some just make me what to jump out of my skin. 

I miss many things about my life before my baby came into the picture. Most of these are simple acts, daily little things that now are next to impossible with a little savage toddler in my home. 

I am just in need to share what has been on my mind for a little while. This is not me complaining or anything of the like. This is a mom who acknowledges what has changed and just going with the flow of life. This mom (me) is just sharing what is like. 


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Perhaps this is something you experience in your motherhood journey and if so, comment down below and let me know what it is you miss most about your life before baby.

1.Pumping Gas

How many times have I had to run to the counter and peek at the car making sure there are no threats near. The anxiety! 

Before it was in and out, no worries, no crippling worry of what can happen…



Can I get an AMEN? Groceries were much much easier. I could go around the isles and quickly grab what I needed and be done. Now between strapping and unstrapping, making sure my little one isn’t sticking things into her mouth, people wanting to touch her and whatnot. 

3.Waking Up

Do you even remember what it was like before babies? Just taking your time waking up… I think that is what I miss most. My current way to wake up is chubby little fingers poking my face, hair pulling, or my all-time favorite (sarcasm) a twenty-pound toddler crawling over my body pressing down on my full bladder.

4.Using The Bathroom

Whether it may be for a pee break, brushing teeth, or something as heavenly as a shower, I am no longer EVER ALONE… Oh, the good old days… 


Consuming food while it’s still hot, not having to share my food with anyone. Currently, I do not know what that means. Most times I eat room temperature food or just cold stiff food.


At the end of the day, I may miss a couple of things about my life before my daughter, but I wouldn’t change anything. I look at her and anything is possible. I can endure anything for her. 

My daughter is my whole world, she fills me with joy and happiness and that is all that matters. These things I miss, I will be able to have those things back in no time. 

But these days won’t come back. Her little chubby finger will be gone with bigger slimmer ones and those hands won’t poke at me. Her tiny little body will grow and find more interesting things than this body that carried her for 37 weeks. 

All this is temporary and I know that. 

We all struggle with a new way of living, especially new parents. But it is not eternal. So enjoy it while you can and do not forget to take time for yourself so you can be the best parent you can be.


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